The Alliance seeks to use the media to foster mutual understanding and to lay the groundwork for collective action across diverse populations and cultures.

The media is perhaps the most powerful force today in shaping our understanding of events and peoples in the world around us. The growth of the internet and the proliferation of media outlets over the course of the past two decades have brought disparate parts of the world in contact with one another as never before. This development holds with it the promise of ushering in an era of unprecedented cross-cultural communication and mutual understanding.

At the same time, the media can have the opposite effect - strengthening collective biases and negative stereotypes and deepening divisions between communities. With regard to relations between Western nations and predominantly Muslim populations, this polarizing effect of the media seems evident.

The Alliance seeks to work with media professionals to reframe images and perceptions so as to better reflect the diversity that exists within communities and to improve the prospects for cooperation and harmony between them.

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